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Volume 24, Issue6July/August, 2011
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Volume 24, Issue6July/August, 2011

Improving Intelligence

Improving intelligence has preoccupied society since French psychologist Alfred Binet devised the first IQ test. Since then, the notion that More

Larry Erlbaum Collects His Paycheck

Editor’s note: APS Executive Director Alan Kraut’s touching and humorous tribute to Lawrence Erlbaum’s longtime service to psychological science and More

Your Attention Please

Attention underlies our ability to complete all mental tasks. Imagine then, the benefits of being able to improve the ability More

APS Journals at Convention

Leading Researchers Discuss Current Directions in Schizophrenia In a special pre-convention event, five distinguished researchers came together to discuss the More

Recognizing Michele Nathan

Psychological scientists are trained to do science, and as we all know, writing typically comes second. It’s no secret that More

When Economics Met Psychology

This meeting of scholarly minds has led to a booming — and surprising — science of decision making Economists have long sought More

Not the Mystery it Used to Be

One of the core concepts of psychology is consciousness. Yet, because consciousness has generally been considered intangible, it has been More

Integrative Moral Cognition

The philosopher John Stuart Mill famously proposed that moral decisions are made according to a principle of utilitarianism: Moral decision More

Integrative Psychological Science

Psychological science has been moving in an increasingly interdisciplinary direction, and consequently the field faces both many challenges and many More