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The Nutrition Field Is Incredibly White — Here’s Why That’s Harmful for BIPOC Communities

  • 02/01/2023
Research from Perspectives on Psychological Science

America Goes About Juvenile Crime Sentencing All Wrong

  • TIME
  • 02/01/2023
Featuring: David Myers

People Blame and Judge Parents for Children’s Heavier Weights

  • The Conversation
  • 02/01/2023
Research from Psychological Science

How Creepy Dolls Like M3GAN Became a Horror Phenomenon

  • TIME
  • 01/26/2023
Research from Psychological ScienceFeaturing: Thalia Wheatley

Laughter Really Is Contagious — And That’s Good

  • The Washington Post
  • 01/26/2023
Featuring: Robert Provine

Why Is It So Hard to Resist Temptation?

  • Freakonomics
  • 01/25/2023
Featuring: Angela Duckworth


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    Artificial Intelligence: Your Thoughts and Concerns  

    APS members weigh in on the biggest opportunities and/or ethical challenges involving AI within the field of psychological science. Will we witness vast and constructive cross-fertilization—or “a dystopian cyberpunk corporation-led hellscape”?

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    A Very Human Answer to One of AI’s Deepest Dilemmas

    Imagine that we designed a fully intelligent, autonomous robot that acted on the world to accomplish its goals. How could we make sure that it would want the same things we do? Alison Gopnik explores. Read or listen!

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