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Psychological Science in the News

The New Science of Forgetting

  • TIME
  • 05/18/2022
Featuring: Eric Kandel, Ronald L. Davis

The Bias Hunter

  • Science
  • 05/18/2022
Featuring: Itiel Dror, Saul Kassin

Few Transgender Children Change Their Minds After 5 Years, Study Finds

  • The New York Times
  • 05/11/2022
Featuring: Kristina Olson

In Praise of Anxiety

  • The Wall Street Journal
  • 05/11/2022
Research from Clinical Psychological ScienceFeaturing: Joseph Campos, Tracy Dennis-Tiwary, Jeffrey Birk, Carsten De Dreu

How to Make Self-Affirmation Work, Based on Science

  • The Washington Post
  • 05/04/2022
Featuring: Claude M. Steele