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Psychological Science in the News

The Psychology of Inspiring Everyday Climate Action

  • Wired
  • 08/10/2022
Featuring: Wendy Wood

How to Foster Healthy Scientific Independence—for Yourself and Your Trainees

  • Science
  • 08/10/2022
Featuring: Jay J. Van Bavel, Neil A. Lewis Jr., June Gruber

Text Your Friends. It Matters More Than You Think.

  • The New York Times
  • 08/10/2022
Featuring: Peggy Liu

Science Skeptics Often Suffer From Overconfidence

  • Futurity
  • 08/10/2022
Featuring: Steven Sloman

There Are Too Few Women in Computer Science and Engineering

  • Scientific American
  • 08/03/2022
Featuring: Sapna Cheryan, Andrew Meltzoff