About the APS Observer

The Observer is the online magazine of the Association for Psychological Science and covers matters affecting the research, academic, and applied subfields of psychology. The magazine reports on issues of interest to psychological scientists worldwide and disseminates information about the activities, policies, and scientific values of APS.

The Observer publishes feature articles on new research and trends in the psychological science community as well as profiles of researchers and other leaders in the field, first-person perspectives and columns, news articles, interviews, and audio and video content. Examples of the kinds of content we produce include:

  • Feature articles about research trends, perspectives, practices
  • Profiles of our members and their scientific work in academia, industry, policy-making, and more
  • Opportunities for research funding, collaborations, and networking
  • Insights from student members and lesson ideas for psychology instructors
  • APS awards, initiatives, and events

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LETTERS: The Observer welcomes your comments and feedback. For consideration in the Observer Forum, letters should be sent to [email protected]. Unless otherwise indicated, all correspondence received will be considered for publication. The Observer does not guarantee publication and reserves the right to edit all content for length.