Staff Directory

Sarah Brookhart
Executive Director

Melissa Welch-Ross
Deputy Director

Alan Kraut
Executive Director Emeritus

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Nicholas Antunes
Project Manager, Meetings

Kimberly Armstrong
Editorial Coordinator

Rodney Atkins
Managing Editor, Journals

Aime Ballard-Wood
Senior Director for Operations

Asa Boy
Director, Digital and Technical Operations

Andy DeSoto
Director of Government Relations

Amy Drew
Senior Manager, Publications

Kekoa Erber
Government Relations & Policy Assistant

Candy Ferguson
Senior Graphic Designer

Raquel Fernandes
Design and Production Editor

Amroté Getu
Peer Review Coordinator

Lucy Hyde
Senior Manager, Marketing

Michelle D. Johnfinn
Senior Manager, Meetings

Lisa Lockman
Manager, Membership and Data Analysis

Ludmila Nunes
Science Writer, Journals

Ashley Phayme
Project Manager, Meetings

Emily Proppe
Project Manager, Meetings

Nathalie L. Rothert
Director of Meetings

Nelson Ruble
Office Coordinator

Sarah Schroeder
Internal Affairs Manager

Scott Sleek
Director of News & Information

Marilyn Talley
Finance and Administration Coordinator

Leah Thayer
Senior Director of Communications

Jill Treby
Senior Director of Membership & Marketing

Elaine Watson
Senior Manager, Meetings

Brian Winters
Managing Editor, Journals