Staff Directory









Sarah Brookhart

Executive Director

Alan Kraut
Executive Director Emeritus 


Tracy Waldeck

Deputy Director 
Jennifer Alexander
Meetings Coordinator

Rodney Atkins
Copy Editor

Aime Ballard-Wood
Senior Director for Operations

Asa Boy
Managing Editor, Website

Christine Browne
Managing Editor, CDPS and PSPI

Navaré Carter
Graphic Designer

Derica Clarke
Meetings Assistant

Claire Cole
Senior Science Writer, Journals

Christopher Collins
Editorial Assistant, Observer

Dion Dears
Membership Manager

Siobhan DeLoatch
Finance and Administration Assistant

Andy DeSoto
Assistant Director, Policy

Amy Drew
Peer Review Manager

Candy Ferguson
Senior Graphic Designer

Gabriela M. Galeano
Manager, Policy and Programs

Torrance Gloss
Senior Managing Editor, Journals

Mariko Hewer
Assistant Managing Editor, Observer

Marion Hicks
Program Assistant


Lucy Hyde
Digital and Social Media Manager

Jermaine W. Ivy
Senior Meetings Manager

Yasmine Kuttab
Meetings Manager

Lisa Lockman
Membership Coordinator

Patti Martin
Director of Membership

Kristen Medeiros
Peer Review Coordinator

Alex Michel
Science Writer

Anna Mikulak
Associate Director of News & Information

Todd Reitzel
Director of Publications

Jenna Rieling
Marketing and Advertising Coordinator

Nathalie L. Rothert
Director of Meetings

Sarah Schroeder
Marketing and Advertising Manager

Scott Sleek
Director of News & Information

Marilyn Talley
Finance and Administration Coordinator

Brian Winters
Copy Editor