Who We Are

Thousands of leading psychological researchers, as well as students and teachers, have made APS their scientific home.

Who We Are

Thousands of leading psychological researchers, as well as students and teachers, have made APS their scientific home.

APS is the leading international organization dedicated to advancing scientific psychology across disciplinary and geographic borders. Our members study some of life’s biggest questions and help solve some of society’s most difficult problems. Thousands of leading psychological scientists, academics, clinicians, researchers, educators, administrators, and students from more than 80 countries are APS.  Led by a drive to better understand and improve the human condition, our members study all facets of behavior, from neurons to neighborhoods. Further, a key part of APS’s mission is to promote the integration of the full range of scientific perspectives across our diverse field, and with other scientific disciplines.

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Our story begins in 1988 with 400 dedicated psychological scientists and a mission to restore the public image of psychology as a science.  Today, APS is thousands of members strong worldwide and remains committed to combining traditional scientific values of rigor and transparency with cutting edge methods and innovative practices in the conduct and application of research.  The APS Convention hosts more than 4,000 psychological scientists and students annually and, throughout the year, APS shares your science in six of the most influential journals in the field.

The Founding of the Association for Psychological Science: Part 1. Dialectical Tensions Within Organized Psychology

The Founding of the Association for Psychological Science: Part 2. The Tipping Point and Early Years

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  • Psychological science has the ability to transform society for the better and must play a central role in advancing human welfare and the public interest.
  • Scientific values in education and training must be protected.
  • Transparency, openness, and reproducibility are vital elements in advancing scientific knowledge.
  • Psychological science is an integrative global enterprise; removing geographic and disciplinary barriers is the key to advancing knowledge.

APS Commitment to Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion: APS is committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in all areas of our leadership, membership, activities, staff, and field.

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APS Ethics Policy: The Board of Directors expects APS members to adhere to all relevant codes of ethical behavior and legal and regulatory requirements.

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Share your science. APS engages the public with psychological research through its scientific journals, its member magazine the Observer, and outreach to major media outlets.

Keep you informed. APS keeps you informed on matters affecting the research, academic, and applied disciplines of psychological science.

Cultivate community. In-person events, leadership roles, and the online member directory create community among psychological scientists.

Advocate for science. As the voice of psychological science, APS promotes the use of empirically-validated findings in treatment and prevention of mental illness, promotion of health, improved education, enhanced economic productivity, social justice, and other areas of public policy.

Support your career. APS provides psychological scientists with career resources, funding opportunities, and job openings to help boost your career.