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APS is excited to announce the launch of a NEW APS Global Psychological Science Summit. This online summit will take place October 23-24, 2024, and will offer an additional avenue for scientific exchange and collaboration among psychological scientists. The program is designed to provide participants with opportunities to talk with and identify other scientists interested in developing and using new products, practices, and tools to strengthen and advance the emerging field of global psychological science. The program will include plenary panel sessions with leading global psychological scientists, invited workshops, submitted roundtable discussions, and scientific poster presentations. 

As outlined in our strategic plan, APS has identified three goals to guide our work: strengthen the global psychological science community, make psychological science more meaningful in the public sphere, and wisely and efficiently use resources to advance our mission. This event will support the globally connected scientific community we’re working to foster, advancing innovative and integrative science. 

The APS Global Psychological Science Summit is a must-attend program for anyone interested in collaborating with colleagues from around the world, providing attendees with insights about participating in or conducting globally relevant psychological science research, contributing to the development of unifying theory, furthering cross-cultural research, gaining information about successful psychological interventions or mental health practices from other regions of the world, or learning how to benefit from existing global databases and research initiatives.  

Stay tuned for more information regarding our featured speakers, exciting new workshops, and opportunities to speak with psychological scientists around the world!

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    APS is excited to announce the launch of a NEW APS Global Psychological Science Summit scheduled for October 2024. This online global summit will include keynote addresses from leading global psychological scientists, exciting new workshops