Convention Archive featured image of a poster session in full swing.

Past and Future Conventions

Convention Archive featured image of a poster session in full swing.

Past and Future Conventions

APS is excited to announce the launch of a NEW APS Global Psychological Science Summit scheduled for October 2024. This online global summit will include keynote addresses from leading global psychological scientists, exciting new workshops, roundtable discussions, and opportunities for poster presentations. Submissions for posters and workshops will be open in June 2024!  

Future APS Annual Conventions

36th Annual Convention
May 23-26, 2024

San Francisco, CA, USA
(Hilton San Francisco Union Square)

NEW APS Global Psychological Science Summit

October 2024Virtual

37th Annual Convention

May 22-25, 2025Washington, D.C.
(Washington Hilton)

38th Annual Convention


39th Annual Convention

May 27-30, 2027Seattle, Washington, USA

40th Annual Convention

May 25-28, 2028Washington, D.C., USA

Past APS Conventions

2023 APS Annual ConventionMay 25-28, 2023Washington, D.C.
ICPS 20239-11 March, 2023Brussels, Belgium
2022 APS Annual ConventionMay 26-29, 2022Chicago, IL
2021 APS Virtual ConventionMay 26-27, 2021Virtual
32nd Annual ConventionCancelledMay 21-24, 2020Chicago, IL
31st Annual ConventionMay 23-26, 2019Washington, D.C.
ICPS 20197-9 March, 2019Paris, France
30th Annual ConventionMay 24-27, 2018San Francisco, CA
29th Annual ConventionMay 25-28, 2017Boston, MA
ICPS 201723-25 March, 2017Vienna, Austria
28th Annual ConventionMay 26-29, 2016Chicago, IL
27th Annual ConventionMay 21-24, 2015New York, NY
ICPS 201512-14 March, 2015Amsterdam, The Netherlands
26th Annual ConventionMay 22-25, 2014San Francisco, CA
25th Annual ConventionMay 23-26, 2013Washington, DC
24th Annual ConventionMay 24-27, 2012Chicago, IL
23rd Annual ConventionMay 26-29, 2011Washington, DC
22nd Annual ConventionMay 27-30, 2010Boston, MA
21st Annual ConventionMay 22-25, 2009San Francisco, CA
20th Annual ConventionMay 22-25, 2008Chicago, IL
19th Annual ConventionMay 24-27, 2007Washington, DC
18th Annual ConventionMay 25-28, 2006New York, NY
17th Annual ConventionMay 26-29, 2005Los Angeles, CA
16th Annual ConventionMay 27-30, 2004Chicago, IL
15th Annual ConventionMay 29-June 1, 2003Atlanta, GA
14th Annual ConventionJune 6-9, 2002New Orleans, LA
13th Annual ConventionJune 14-17, 2001Toronto, ON
12th Annual ConventionJune 8-11, 2000Miami Beach, FL
11th Annual ConventionJune 3-6, 1999Denver, CO
10th Annual ConventionMay 21-24, 1998Washington, DC
9th Annual ConventionMay 23-26, 1997Washington, DC
8th Annual ConventionJune 29-July 2, 1996San Francisco, CA
7th Annual ConventionJune 29-July 2, 1995New York, NY
6th Annual ConventionJune 30-July 3, 1994Washington, DC
5th Annual ConventionJune 25-28, 1993Chicago, IL
4th Annual ConventionJune 20-22, 1992San Diego, CA
3rd Annual ConventionJune 13-16, 1991Washington, DC
2nd Annual ConventionJune 10-12, 1990Dallas, TX
1st Annual ConventionJune 10-12, 1989Alexandria, VA