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Research by the latest recipients of the Janet Taylor Spence Award for Transformative Early Career Contributions includes romantic relationship initiation, the psychological processes that guide moral judgment, and the link between socioeconomic inequality and children’s cognitive and brain development. This year’s recipients include Paul Eastwick, Kimberly Noble, A. Janet Tomiyama, Elliot Tucker-Drob, and Liane Young.

aeon: Humans have long debated the adage ‘Money can’t buy you happiness.’ Popular opinion suggests that, indeed, it cannot, but more recently researchers have challenged this notion. Based on extensive studies, investigators found that money

This is a photo of Ed and Carol Diener.

They’ve seen firsthand how governments around the world are instituting programs to enhance well-being among their citizens. Now APS William James Fellow Ed Diener and Carol Diener are calling on psychological scientists to help make sure those initiatives are evidence-based.

This is a photo of Lisa Feldman Barrett.

While writing her latest book on emotion science, APS Past Board Member Lisa Feldman Barrett tapped dozens of lay readers to peruse her drafts and tell her when her prose was becoming too technical. Barrett shares this tip and other steps she took in crafting her tome, from concept to publication.