APSSC Members Honored by Society for a Science of Clinical Psychology (SSCP)

Three APSSC members have been selected to receive the Outstanding SSCP Student Researcher Award. Each recipient will receive a free 1-year extension of their APS Membership.

Colleen Stiles-Shields is a doctoral candidate at Northwestern University. Her advisor is David C. Mohr. Stiles-Shields’s research focuses on behavioral factors that can result in barriers to mental health treatment, and with NIH funding she is currently working to improve mobile apps that aid in the treatment of depression.

Jonathan P. Stange is a doctoral candidate at Temple University under the supervision of APS James McKeen Cattell Fellow Lauren B. Alloy. Stange is currently a clinical intern at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He studies how people’s ability to cope with changing demands is connected to their vulnerability to mood disorders.

Hannah Williamson is a doctoral candidate at the University of California, Los Angeles, and her advisors are APS Fellows Thomas Bradbury and Benjamin Karney. She studies couples’ relationships, particularly relationship risks specific to low-income couples. Currently, Williamson is a predoctoral National Science Foundation Fellow.

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