A sample of research on maternal depression and its outcomes, COVID-19 and well-being, dissociative amnesia, emotion preferences and anxiety, children’s aggressive behavior, mental health during COVID-19, the use of digital technologies for emotion regulation, and parental training. More

A sample of research on an intervention for trauma recovery for refugees, attention regulation in schizophrenia, social anxiety disorder and childhood maltreatment, smoking and psychopathology, substance use and sexual-minority status, food expectations and fast-food intake, repetitive negative thinking and affect and depressive symptoms, polytraumatization and psychopathology, and suicide ideation. More

A sample of research on evaluation in psychopathology, adolescents’ use of digital technologies and mental health, depression in adolescents and their parents, childhood adversity and cardiovascular reactions, self-regulation and institutionalized children, marital satisfaction and mental health, and the benefits of imagining one’s goals. More