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Volume 25, Issue3March, 2012
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Volume 25, Issue3March, 2012


Rising Stars

Brian D’Onofrio Nigel Gopie Daniel Oppenheimer Shannon Wiltsey Stirman Simine Vazire Hanna Zagefka Brian D’Onofrio Indiana University, USA What… More


Biases and Brackets

Americans typically prepare for the month-long basketball frenzy known as March Madness by filling out a bracket and placing a… More


APS Award Address

APS Fellow Gary Latham had many goals when he left graduate school, but returning to academia was not one of… More

The Price of Perfectionism

Perfectionism research began to grow exponentially in 1991 with the creation of two measures bearing the same name – the… More

Sticky Teaching

As teachers we rely on the fact that human beings are fundamentally curious creatures. Additionally, people tend to have a… More

Transfer or Transition?

Selecting the best research advisor and securing the opportunity to work with that person are two of the biggest hurdles… More


Evoking Emotion in the Lab

At the 24th APS Annual Convention, Iris Mauss will host a workshop called Studying Emotions in the Laboratory. Mauss is… More

Mixing Methods

At the 24th APS Annual Convention, Rebecca Campbell will host a workshop called Integrating Qualitative and Quantitative Methods: Mixed-Methods Designs… More

Network Analysis

Do you remember when you first kissed? Probably. I am pretty sure you can’t think about it without feeling something… More

Do We Need More Methods?

Let’s be honest: Methods and statistics are not the average student’s favorite aspects of psychological science. Many graduate and undergraduate… More

APS Lab Profiles: Meet the Scientists!

George Mason University Arch Laboratory Fairfax, Virginia, USA Bridging theory, experimentation, and application in the cognitive sciences. Raja Parasuraman Carryl… More