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Franco Pestilli

2016 Janet Taylor Spence Award Franco Pestilli Indiana University Bloomington; Please briefly describe your research interests. Perhaps my research can be a little bit difficult to classify within a single field or topic, as it spans a few. I am a psychologist, a computational and cognitive neuroscientist, and More

June Gruber

2016 Janet Taylor Spence Award June Gruber University of Colorado Boulder Please briefly describe your research interests. Emotions are an essential ingredient of what makes us human. Surprisingly, there remain many mysteries as to how we can harness emotions to improve mental health outcomes and enhance well-being. My research More

Don’t beat yourself up

aeon: Human beings are the only creatures who can make themselves miserable. Other animals certainly suffer when they experience negative events, but only humans can induce negative emotions through self-views, judgments, expectations, regrets and comparisons with others. Because self-thought plays such a central role in human happiness and wellbeing, psychologists More

Workaholism Tied to Several Psychiatric Disorders

The Oxford English Dictionary credits the psychologist and theologian Wayne E. Oates with coining the term “workaholic.” As Oates outlined in a 1971 book on the subject, “the compulsion or the uncontrollable need to work incessantly” can take on obsessive qualities similar to those of an addiction-related disorder. A large More