Social Behavior

After Trump, Will Our Politics Get Better or Worse?

The potentially baleful consequences of a Trump victory in 2020 are clear. But what if, as seems more likely at this point, he is defeated? If Trump loses, a cloud will lift from American politics. But the circumstances that produced him will not vanish—and the changes that he wrought will More

Holiday Parties Make You Squirm? Here’s How To Conquer Social Anxiety

Whereas people with generalized anxiety experience fear-driven worries about life circumstances, those with social anxiety see themselves through a distorted lens of self-doubt, shame and a fear that others are scrutinizing and judging them harshly, researchers say. … Research by clinical psychologist David Moscovitch, a professor at the University of Waterloo, in Ontario, Canada, suggests More

What to Do About an Overtalker

Maybe the person sits near you at work. Maybe he or she is your second cousin-in-law, your Hinge date or your seatmate on a 19-hour flight to Sydney. Most of us have met a compulsive talker: A person who dominates discussions with nonmeaningful chatter and misses, or ignores, cues that More