From: Otago Daily Times

Older people not good liars

Otago Daily Times:

A University of Otago study suggests the ability to recognise deceit may wear down with age, making older people less able to lie or recognise they are being lied to.

University of Otago department of psychology researchers Ted Ruffman, Janice Murray and Jamin Halberstadt compared young and old adults’ skills at deception as judged by listeners within and outside their age group.

The results of the lie detection test showed both young and old listeners found it easier to differentiate truths and lies when the speaker was an older adult compared to a young adult, Associate Professor Halberstadt said.

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Or maybe old people just don’t care if you believe them or not…and are too tired/apathetic to figure out/give a shit if someone’s lying…and don’t really have the time or energy to maintain relationships that require them to tell white lies. (Wow. I may be 41 but it’s clearly time for me to take advantage of that AARP membership offer!)

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