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Volume 28, Issue6July/August, 2015
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Volume 28, Issue6July/August, 2015

Law and (Dis)order

The idea of admitting to a crime you didn’t commit seems inconceivable to most people. Take the Central Park Five More

Research for Real Life

At the annual Psychological Science in the Public Interest symposium, PSPI authors Patrick Corrigan (Illinois Institute of Technology) and Maria More

Not Just Fun and Games

You’re on a sensitive mission and your objectives are clear: Kill enemy combatants, capture territory, reach your target, and, above More

Teaching Lessons that Last

Regan A.R. Gurung thinks of students’ learning using the metaphor of a pearl in an oyster. During the Opening Plenary More

This is a photo of a side view of darts boars and arrows in the sunset

Mind Over Matter

Humans are an easily distracted species, but we’ve always longed for ways to regulate our own attention. Psychological science has shed a lot of light on this issue, says APS William James Fellow Michael I. Posner. More