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Volume 24, Issue10December, 2011
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Volume 24, Issue10December, 2011

Song Recognition

“Memory is essential for making music meaningful,” says Carol Lynne Krumhansl, Professor of Psychology at Cornell University. “Musical emotion is More

The Art of Collaboration

For me, choosing the right graduate school was about finding a department that not only allowed me to collaborate with More

Rising Stars

Joan Chiao Jaap Denissen Andrew Livingstone Lauri Nummenmaa Nickola Overall Gaia Scerif Lars Schwabe Nicole Tausch Peter Titzmann Yana Weinstein More

Psychological Science For All

Interesting and important psychological research is published every day around the world, yet the rumor is that most psychology journal More


APS Award Address

The work Earl Hunt described in his James McKeen Cattell Award Address at the 2011 APS Convention focused on some More

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Between Speech and Song

Take note! Psychological scientists are doing sound research in the quest for the elusive crossroads where words and music meet. More

Why Does Music Move Us?

“There’s nothing in a sequence of notes themselves that creates the rich emotional associations we have with music,” says psychological More