A Spirited Debate Over Chicks

In July, APS put out a press release on why chicks prefer certain types of music based on “Chicks Like Consonant Music,” a study published in Psychological Science.

On November 9, 2011, Jason Goldman wrote about the study on the Scientific American blog: Day Old Chickens Prefer The Same Music That You Do

Chris Shea then wrote an article in the Wall Street Journal questioning Jason Goldman’s approach: Neuroscience Can’t Explain Wagner (or B.B. King)

On November 14, 2011, Jason Goldman came back with this blog in response to Chris Shea: If Chickens Like Consonant Music, Will They Hate B.B. King? That’s Not Even the Right Question to Ask

On the same day, Chris Shea responded to Jason Goldman with this post:: Chickens and Music, Redux

Guess those guys are really fighting over that chick huh?

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