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Working From Home Makes You More Effective, But Only In Moderation, So Think Carefully Before You Ask Your Boss If You Can Do It


I’ve barely gone into an office to work for the last two years (hi, I am a writer), so let me tell you my take on working from home: It’s a serious mixed bag. Apparently researchers agree with me on this, too, because a new study found that though working from home makes employees happier and more productive, it works best when it’s done in moderation. So much for the dream of the future in which everyone works happily from home all the time, making office space obsolete, right?

According to the authors of the research, published in the October issue of Psychological Science in the Public Interest, telecommuting works best for employers and employees when it’s practiced in moderation. “That is, a balance of face-to-face and virtual contact may be optimal,” the report says.

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