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Volume 30, Issue7September, 2017
Digital Edition

A Change of Face: New Approaches to Measuring Face Recognition and Identification

A change in hairstyle, lighting, or even facial expression may alter a person’s appearance so drastically that they look like someone else. Scientists are now developing face-recognition measures that account for these variations… More

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Volume 30, Issue7September, 2017

Digital Edition

  • Suparna Rajaram

    The 2017-2018 APS Board

    Suparna Rajaram is the new APS President. Susan Goldin-Meadow becomes Immediate Past President. Barbara G. Tversky becomes President-Elect, and Stacey Sinclair and Howard M. Weiss begin 3-year terms as Members-at-Large.


  • Identifying the Super-Recognizers

    Scientists studying the human limitations of face perception have also uncovered a population of people with a remarkable knack for placing a face — a skill now being tapped by police in London… More

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