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Volume 28, Issue8October, 2015

Reaching Citizens Through Science

How Behavioral Science is Shaping Government Services More

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Volume 28, Issue8October, 2015

Bayes for Beginners 2: The Prior

In his inaugural Presidential Column, APS President C. Randy Gallistel introduced beginners to Bayesian statistical analysis. This month, he continues More

Thinking With Gestures

Can gestures speak louder than words? APS President-Elect Susan Goldin-Meadow certainly thinks so. During her William James Fellow Award Address More

Passing Down Psychopathology

Researchers have long known that, much like physical traits, characteristics of mental health and mental illness can be passed down More

Rotten Reviews

Back in the early 1980s, the actress Dame Diana Rigg began asking colleagues in the theater and film industries — More

Remembering Keith Rayner

Let’s see the data.” It is hard to accept that Keith Rayner will never say those words again. He succumbed More

Saving for Later by Saving Now

Unlike civilian government employees, active-duty servicemembers must log into a specific website and select how much they’d like to contribute More

Signature Honesty

Vendors who work with the federal government are required to pay a fee based on a percentage of their sales. More