Das Named to Order of Canada

Das_JPAPS Fellow Jagannath Prasad (J.P.) Das has been named a member of the Order of Canada. Das is Emeritus Director of the J.P. Das Developmental Disabilities Centre at the University of Alberta in Canada. He also is an emeritus professor of psychology at the University of Alberta.

Das has spent his career studying intelligence outside of conventional measures such as IQ. Using neurophysiological and cognitive measures, he has defined intelligence as a complex concept that involves planning, attention, simultaneous comprehension, and sequencing. His Das–Naglieri cognitive assessment system, developed with Jack Naglieri of the University of Virginia, serves to assess intelligence while reducing cultural and educational biases.

Admission to the Order of Canada is Canada’s second highest national honor and recognizes outstanding achievement, dedication to the community, and service to the nation. Psychological scientists who have been named Officers of the Order of Canada include Albert Bandura of Stanford University, an APS William James Fellow Award recipient and a James McKeen Cattell Fellow Award recipient; APS William James Fellow Endel Tulving of the University of Toronto, Canada; and APS Fellow Jane Stewart of Concordia University, Canada. APS William James Fellow Brenda Milner of McGill University in Canada is both an Officer and a Companion of the Order of Canada, the highest tier of Order of Canada recognition.

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