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Volume 31, Issue6July/August, 2018
Digital Edition

Science in San Francisco

Coverage of the 30th APS Annual Convention More

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Volume 31, Issue6July/August, 2018

Digital Edition

  • Presidential Symposium

    A Grand Memory Tour

    In a wide-ranging look at memory, psychological scientists Henry “Roddy” Roediger, III, Dorthe Berntsen, Qi Wang, and Charan Ranganath reveal how brain circuitry, situational cues, culture, and shared experiences influence our recollections. More

  • Bring the Family Address

    The Paradox of Diversity

    The study of people’s reactions to shifts in national demographics illuminates the broad psychological, social, and political implications of growing diversity across the world, says social psychologist Jennifer Richeson. More

  • Fred Kavli Keynote Address

    Making and Remaking Memory

    Lynn Nadel shares his groundbreaking research on space and memory to explain how memories of life events adapt and change to accommodate new information. More

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Getting a Grip on Reality

How do we learn to distinguish what’s real from our thoughts and imaginings? Experts from fields ranging from cognitive neuroscience to political psychology provide some empirical answers. More

Preparing Teachers for the Unexpected

Up-and-coming teachers are receiving training that leaves them ill-equipped to handle the unexpected challenges they will encounter in the classroom, says APS Fellow Daniel Willingham. More

Inequality Squares Up With Brain Function, Behavior

Findings on the cognitive, behavioral, and emotional effects of scarcity and discrimination are detailed by a panel of experts in brain development, addiction, decision-making, and attitudes about wealth distribution. More