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Volume 31, Issue6July/August, 2018
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Science in San Francisco

Coverage of the 30th APS Annual Convention More

The 30th APS Annual Convention’s Symposium Sunday programming put a spotlight on research in applied neuroscience, big data, and the neuropsychology of socioeconomic disadvantage. How Neuroscience Can Save the World Presenters took neuroscience beyond the medical and psychiatric realms to focus on how our understanding of the brain can address More

How do we learn to distinguish what’s real from our thoughts and imaginings? Experts from fields ranging from cognitive neuroscience to political psychology provide some empirical answers. More

Up-and-coming teachers are receiving training that leaves them ill-equipped to handle the unexpected challenges they will encounter in the classroom, says APS Fellow Daniel Willingham. More

Findings on the cognitive, behavioral, and emotional effects of scarcity and discrimination are detailed by a panel of experts in brain development, addiction, decision-making, and attitudes about wealth distribution. More

The APS Student Caucus (APSSC) organized several exciting and informative events for student members from across the globe at the 2018 APS Annual Convention in San Francisco. The events included networking opportunities, award addresses, and sponsored sessions detailing how to succeed in graduate school, find and keep jobs in a More