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Volume 26, Issue6July/August, 2013

Mapping Mindsets

In the United States, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. In Japan, the nail that is sticking up shall get… More

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Volume 26, Issue6July/August, 2013

From Molecules to the Mind

How fitting that memory was the topic of this year’s presidential symposium, as APS looks back in celebration of its… More

Mastering Our Passions

The pursuit of emotion regulation is as timeless as it is universal. It was apparent to whoever wrote the age-old… More

Beyond the Guild

Despite the recent national focus on increased access to health care, 55 percent of counties in the United States still… More

Convention Issue

This year marks a milestone for APS — our 25th anniversary. The milestone was celebrated at the 25th APS Annual… More

Undergraduate Education at NSF

While a passion for scientific and technological innovation and the promise of a career with above-average job prospects may lead… More