The Think Tank Gala

The Think Tank is a mobile cognitive science lab and education station. We’ll drive to schools and museums to inspire hundreds of young minds as we work to close the gender and race gap in science through experiential learning.

Upcoming, Action-Packed Gala. With your help, we’ve raised enough to purchase the truck — and then some. The next step will be to make it sustainable: funding those visits to schools and cities for the next year and beyond. For said purpose, how might one plan the most insanely cool fundraising gala ever to take place in Manhattan? Perhaps by headlining the event with a live performance by the Amygdaloids, a band of neuroscientists headed by world famous researcher, Joe LeDoux? Or by screening narrative shorts from the NY Times-featured Imagine Science Film Festival? How about by staging interactive demonstrations, in which Emotiv Lifesciences or artist XXXY allow you to go head-to-head with fellow attendees with your actual brainwaves? I say let’s have all of the above, and do it inside a historic brownstone near Lincoln Center–the home of CUNY’s Macaulay Honors College. That’s right folks: save the date on June 18th, and get ready for an incredible night.

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