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This Mindset Will Improve Even the Worst Commute to Work


Jessica Patch had more than one reason for accepting a high-paying advertising job in San Francisco. There was the challenge of the work, of course, but she also knew the extra money would help fund expensive fertility treatments.

The trade-off: a 55-mile drive to the office that sometimes left her commuting by car up to four hours a day. Patch listened to podcasts to kill the time and took in a therapy show on Oprah Winfrey’s satellite radio station to ease the stress, but she said the strain of the lengthy commute, on top of a long workday “completely ruined my body.”

Jon Jachimowicz, a doctoral student at the Columbia Business School in New York and co-author of the paper Commuting With A Plan, explained that further studies on both sides of the Atlantic showed that “people with higher levels of trait self-control are more likely to engage in goal-oriented prospection on the way to work”.

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