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Volume 30, Issue6July/August 2017

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Up Front

  • Highlights from Symposium Sunday

    A breadth of Sunday programming included symposia on psychological science in security settings, factors that reduce intergroup bias, and the prevalence of Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Here are some highlights. Psychological Science in Security and Intelligence Intelligence agencies in the United Kingdom haven’t always engaged with academics, but the Center for Research and Evidence on Security Threats (CREST) is smoothing the way for the intelligence and security community to collaborate with psychological scientists such as Emma Barrett of Lancaster University.

  • How Our Bodies Do — and Don’t — Shape Our Minds

    Moving our legs, hands, and other body parts shape our lives as we traverse our environments. Jessica Witt, Amy Cuddy, Susan Wagner Cook, and Ted Supalla share their research investigating how our bodies influence the way we see, feel, learn, and communicate.

  • The Legacy of a Neuroscience Pioneer: Colleagues Remember Suzanne Corkin

    At the time of her death in May 2016, neuroscientist Suzanne Corkin had marked her place in history as a leading scholar on human memory. Well-known for her investigations of the amnesic patient H.M., Corkin, a professor emerita at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), made significant contributions to the field of cognitive neuroscience of healthy aging. In a special symposium at the 2017 APS Annual Convention, Corkin’s colleagues and former students gathered to discuss her influence on their own careers and their thoughts on her legacy.

First Person

  • Student Events Inspire, Impress at the 2017 Convention

    APS Student Caucus (APSSC) events at the 2017 APS Annual Convention in Boston offered students a wide array of topics, including how to apply to and survive graduate school; how to navigate the job market for both academic and nontraditional jobs; and how to get your manuscripts published in peer-reviewed journals. Students also had the exciting opportunity to meet and talk with some of the leaders in the field of psychological science in an intimate setting during the “Champions of Psychological Science” event. The student programming began on Friday with a forum on “How to Get Published” chaired by APSSC Student Notebook Editor Elise Goubet of the University of Kansas.

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