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Volume 28, Issue1January, 2015
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Talkin’ About Your Generation

Science Examines How Pivotal Events Shape Individuals – and Entire Birth Cohorts More

This month, APS’s flagship journal, Psychological Science, turns 25. To celebrate the journal’s silver anniversary, Sandra Scarr and James McGaugh — both APS Past Presidents who contributed to the first issue of the journal — reminisce about Psychological Science’s beginnings. See below for a reprint of the inaugural editorial from Founding Editor More

In prior presidential columns published in the Observer, authors have discussed the role of psychology in relation to various disciplines in science (in terms of measures or cocitations; Cacioppo, September 2007) and the relation of psychological science to law (Kang & Dasgupta, April 2014). In this column, Adrian Angold and More

What does every good emotion detective need? That’s the question APS Past President Robert W. Levenson posed during his Award Address as a 2014 APS William James Fellow. “Emotion is all around us, but it’s also surprisingly difficult to quantify,” Levenson said during his presentation at the 26th APS Annual More

Regardless of your political leanings, you’re probably very familiar with the names Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton. You probably also know that these names represent the three most recent US presidents (#44, #43, and #42, respectively). But how often do you think about Franklin Pierce? Or Benjamin More

The world lost a neuroscience pioneer in September 2014 with the passing of APS Past President Richard F. Thompson. Widely regarded as a leading authority in his field, Dick focused his research on the broad field of behavioral neuroscience with a focus on the neurobiological substrates of learning and memory. More

As a child, I honestly do not know if I would have eaten one marshmallow or waited for two during Walter Mischel’s famous delay-of-gratification test, affectionately known as the “marshmallow test.” What I do know, however, is that I love pie — pecan pie, coconut cream pie, blueberry pie, lemon More

With a background in developmental psychology and a variable research budget, APS Fellow Albert R. Hollenbeck has helped AARP in a variety of diet and health studies — including a project that revealed coffee’s role in longevity. More

More than 2.5 million Americans have died from smoking without ever having picked up a smoking habit. They just happened to live or work with someone who did. That’s according to a report from the US Office of the Surgeon General. The smoke that emanates from a lit cigarette contains More

Aimed at integrating cutting-edge psychological science into the classroom, Teaching Current Directions in Psychological Science offers advice and how-to guidance about teaching a particular area of research or topic in psychological science that has been the focus of an article in the APS journal Current Directions in Psychological Science. Current More

Psychological scientist James McGaugh, one of APS’s first presidents, has won the prestigious 2015 Grawemeyer Award in Psychology, in recognition of his seminal research on the link between emotions and memory. A neurobiology and behavior research professor at University of California, Irvine, McGaugh received the prize for discovering that stress More

The road well traveled by psychological scientists has traditionally been academia, particularly for individuals interested in research and education. However, developments in our field, coupled with limited tenure-track opportunities, have led psychology graduates to stray from the beaten path and pursue less traditional employment options. The US Department of Education More

Past APS Board Member Susan Goldin-Meadow, who has been named a 2015 William James Fellow Award recipient, will speak about her seminal research on language, learning, and the role that gestures produced by the body play in cognition at the 27th APS Annual Convention in New York City, to be held More

APS Fellow Ian J. Deary has been awarded a 2015 James McKeen Cattell Fellow Award for his lifetime contributions to the field of applied psychological science. Deary, professor of differential psychology at the University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom, and director of the University of Edinburgh Centre for Cognitive Ageing and More

To submit a new book, email The Social Psychology of Disability by Dana S. Dunn; Oxford University Press, December 10, 2014. Understanding Adolescents for Helping Professionals by Avidan Milevsky; Springer, December 15, 2014. Evolutionary Origins and Early Development of Number Processing edited by David C. Geary, Daniel B. Berch More