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Proof math can be a real pain

Chicago Tribune:

Sian Beilock is the author of “Choke: What the Secrets Of the Brain Reveal About Getting It Right When You Have To.”

She recently co-authored a report that suggests that when a person is anxious about math, his or her brain responds in the same way it would if the person was experiencing pain.

eilock, a professor of psychology at the University of Chicago, helps people learn how not to choke in important, stressful situations, such as taking a math test.She has her own story of choking: Years ago she was playing in the U.S. Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program, and a national coach was on the field, standing behind her. She was the goalie and allowed two goals to fly past her.

“It was a horrible game and affected my interest and willingness to pursue soccer,” she told me. “I knew I could play as a top athlete, but when the pressure was on, I didn’t pull out my best performance.”

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