Inside the Psychologist’s Studio with Lila Gleitman

APS Mentor Award Recipient Lila R. Gleitman’s research on developmental psycholinguistics has won international recognition and fostered our understanding of children’s innate language acquisition abilities. Her work has helped explain how young children identify verb meanings and process sentences, why verbs are learned more slowly than nouns, and how deaf children create communications that reflect the same structure found in spoken language.

In this installment of Inside the Psychologist’s Studio, Gleitman, a University of Pennsylvania professor emerita, talks with her former protégé, APS Past President Susan Goldin-Meadow, about her illustrious career exploring the fundamentals of language and cognition. The interview was recorded in May 2017 at the 29th APS Annual Convention in Boston.

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Amazing interview. Extremely interesting to hear from a very senior and accomplished psychologist. The context of, and attraction to, a graduate education was so different then than it is now. Great experience to see and hear this.

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