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New Journals App Offers APS Members Mobile Access to Articles

A new iOS app that offers mobile access to all five APS journals is now available for free in the Apple iTunes Store under Journals@APS. Any user can access APS journal content that is free to the public, such as tables of contents, abstracts of current and previously published APS More

A New Game Plan for Psychological Science

In the spirit of the “March Madness” college basketball tournament in the US, the Observer showcases the latest methodological innovations in the psychological research playbook. It’s been 35 years since psychological scientist and APS James McKeen Cattell Fellow Robert Rosenthal coined the phrase “the file drawer effect” to describe scientific More

There’s Life Beyond .05

As part of a comprehensive effort to promote sound research practices in psychological science, the field’s leading journal has introduced new innovative guidelines for authors submitting articles on their findings. The new guidelines for Psychological Science are aimed at enhancing the reporting of research methods and promoting robust research practices More