People walking around in face masks representing the current coronavirus epidemic.

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APS Journal Research Related to Epidemics: Publicly Available

To aid in understanding the current pandemic, APS has made published research related to epidemics publicly available through online journal articles.

APS Roundtable: Psychological Science and COVID-19

A virtual roundtable of experts shares their views on the psychological impact of COVID-19. Insights on the pandemic and research-based actions to minimize its impact.

Your Experiences: How Has COVID-19 Affected Your Work?

APS encourages psychological scientists to share how the coronavirus outbreak has affected your work, and the solutions you are tapping to manage the disruption.

Grant Policy Changes for Psychological Science Funders

With COVID-19 disrupting life around the world, funding agencies are issuing policy updates and other guidance related to grants and contracts.

Psychological Science and Epidemics: Voices of Experts

In news stories and opinion pieces, psychological scientists share evidence-based insights on public reactions to epidemics and the viral nature of news.

Epidemics and Public Health Behavior

New Research Topic: The psychology and science behind how individuals and groups respond to epidemics.

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