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APS Journals at Convention

Leading Researchers Discuss Current Directions in Schizophrenia In a special pre-convention event, five distinguished researchers came together to discuss the latest research on schizophrenia, a debilitating mental disorder that affects millions of people worldwide. Though each of the researchers examined a different facet of the disease, all five, all five More

APS Welcomes Rob Kail

This month, Rob Kail, Purdue University, officially begins his term as Editor of Psychological Science, APS’s flagship journal. Although Rob has already been editing behind the scenes for months, the January 2008 issue marks the first with his name on the masthead of the journal. The start of Kail’s editorship More

On the Future of APS Journals

In these Presidential Columns, from September 2008 to January 2009, I discussed the implicit understandings and misunderstandings — the urban legends of our field — about our roles in the publication process as researchers, contributors, reviewers, and editors. I looked at how these legends may influence what we do, sometimes More

The Academic Observer: The Orphan Paper

I have been developing a concept that I cannot find in the literature on the sociology or psychology of science. However, when I describe the concept to any active researcher over (say) 45, it is immediately recognized and sometimes seems to arouse a powerful, if nostalgic, emotional experience. Let me More

Authorship Battles: An Outsider’s View

Ubel She had worked long and hard analyzing the data, drafting and re-drafting the manuscript, all the while receiving insightful help from her adviser. She did 90 percent of the work, but her mentor provided crucial guidance. It was a good partnership. Then, on the final draft of the paper More