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Getting Published: Revise and Resubmit

One of the most important steps in the research process is communicating findings to colleagues. However, as anyone who has submitted research to a journal knows, getting your research published in a reputable journal can be a confusing, lengthy, and frustrating process. At this year’s meeting of the Western Psychological More

Sitting in Judgment: Myths and Realities of Peer Review

It’s burdensome, it’s time-devouring, it plays havoc with your life and your research, it stifles innovation, it over-values flaws and undervalues potential, and the pay is somewhere between paltry and nonexistent. Why in the world would anyone, let alone our nation’s most successful scientists, subject themselves to anything like that More

On Civility in Reviewing

Guest Columnist Many of us have put in our best-faith efforts in writing journal articles or grant proposals, only to receive savage reviews. I recently received a savage review of an article I co-wrote and submitted to a journal that referred to the submitted article as sounding like it was More

Where Was it Published?

Some time ago, I was part of a selection-committee meeting regarding a potential hire. When the discussion turned to a particular article by the candidate, a member of the committee asked, “Where was it published?” Nothing wrong with that question – except I had the feeling that the individual had More

New Publications Chair Heads Search for Journal Editor

One of the first things on Morton Ann Gernsbacher’s plate as the new chair of the APS Publications Committee is to find a new editor for the Society’s flagship journal, Psychological Science. Sam Glucksberg’s term as editor ends with the December 2003 issue. The new editor will begin accepting manuscripts More