McCartney Appointed Next President of Smith College

APS Fellow and Charter Member Kathleen McCartney, who has been the Dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Education for the past seven years, will be the next president of Smith College starting in July 2013. McCartney, a renowned expert on child development and early education, was a coauthor of “Facts, Fantasies and the Future of Child Care in the United States in the very first issue of Psychological Science in January 1990.

“I am so proud to be appointed the 11th president of Smith College,” McCartney said in a Smith College press release. “While other colleges boast of naming a first woman president, Smith today announces its fifth. I am humbled to follow a group of remarkable leaders.”

Read more in this New York Times article and watch McCartney discuss her new position.

Scarr, S., Phillips, D., & McCartney, K. (1990). Facts, Fantasies and the Future of Child Care in the United States. Psychological Science, 1 (1), 26-35 DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-9280.1990.tb00061.x