Careers and Leadership the Focus of New Psychological Science Blog

Countless professionals spend their workdays facing performance anxiety, low motivation, poor management, and burnout. Others utilize optimism, enthusiasm, and energy to reap success. Psychological scientists have amassed decades’ worth of research on these traits and behaviors, and on what factors foster an optimal work environment.

Now, APS has launched Minds for Business, a blog devoted exclusively to the study of work and leadership. Minds for Business will feature the latest research on leadership and management issues in the modern workplace. It’s an indispensable resource for professionals wanting to better understand the behavioral, social, and cognitive dynamics that affect their careers, organizations, and life satisfaction. Topics include proven negotiation strategies, motivation, effective management practices, optimal team design, gender and racial bias in professional settings, and financial judgment.

An additional feature on the site, At the End of the Day, covers psychological studies on issues related to work/life balance, retirement planning, health, and consumerism.

The blog will feature groundbreaking research from APS journals Psychological Science, Current Directions in Psychological Science, Perspectives on Psychological Science, Clinical Psychological Science, and others. Visit Minds for Business.

For more information about Minds for Business, contact Scott Sleek, APS Director of News, at ssleek@psychologicalscience.org.

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