From: The New York Times

The Downside of Treadmill Desks

The New York Times:

Treadmill desks are popular, even aspirational, in many offices today since they can help those of us who are deskbound move more, burn extra calories and generally improve our health.

But an interesting new study raises some practical concerns about the effects of walking at your workspace and suggests that there may be unacknowledged downsides to using treadmill desks if you need to type or think at the office.

No one should be surprised by this deterioration of typing ability while using a treadmill desk, said Michael Larson, a professor of psychology and neuroscience at B.Y.U. who led the study. “You’re not stationary,” he said. Even if the oscillation in your body position is slight, you are moving first closer to and then further from your keyboard. “It’s like typing while rowing,” he said.

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