From: The Chronicle of Higher Education

Study Finds Link Between SAT Scores and Freshman Grades

The Chronicle of Higher Education:

The debate over whether the SAT reliably predicts success in college has another argument in the test’s favor: an article published in the journal Psychological Science, conducted by researchers at the University of Minnesota and financed by the College Board, which owns the SAT.

The article, “The Role of Socioeconomic Status in SAT-Grade Relationships and in College Admissions Decisions,” responds to persistent criticism that the test widely used in college admissions is a poor indicator of future academic performance and that it disadvantages low-income and minority students.

Using data from the College Board for 2006, the first year of the revised SAT, and for 1995 to 1997, the authors examine students’ test scores, grade-point averages in both high school and freshman year of college, and socioeconomic status. The article maintains that even when accounting for family income and parents’ education, there is a correlation between students’ SAT scores and freshman grades.

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