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Santos course breaks enrollment record

When professor of psychology and Head of Silliman College Laurie Santos decided to teach “Psychology and the Good Life,” she expected more than 100 students to enroll. Her classes tended to be popular, after all.

What she did not expect was that “Psychology and the Good Life” would soon become the most popular class in the history of Yale College, with an enrollment surpassing 1,200.

The class, offered for the first time this semester, focuses on psychological bases for methods to increase happiness and reduce stress. It originally met in Battell Chapel, but since the number of enrolled students exceeded the space’s capacity, the lectures will also be simulcast in several other classrooms across campus. The simulcast means that there will be no cap on the number of students who wish to enroll in “Psychology and the Good Life.” Santos’ class will also be the first in Yale’s history to have its own mobile app: ReWi, which students will use to complete tasks intended to increase their happiness.

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