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Intake of Alcohol Makes Smiles Contagious Among Men

Science World Report:

A latest study by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh reveals that  in men alcohol boosts sensitivity to pleasant social behavior like smiles, The study also highlights the risk factors that trigger the drinking problem among men. They based their finding on the evaluation of 720 healthy social drinkers of ages 21-28.

A study conducted earlier showed that compared to women, men are nearly 50 percent more likely to consume alcohol and most of the drinking problems also occur among men in social settings.

“Many men report that the majority of their social support and social bonding time occurs within the context of alcohol consumption,” said lead researcher Catharine Fairbairn. “We wanted to explore the possibility that social alcohol consumption was more rewarding to men than to women – the idea that alcohol might actually ‘lubricate’ social interaction to a greater extent among men.”

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