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Happiness rooted in respect, not money

United Press International:

Overall happiness is related to respect and admiration in your inner circle, not how much money a person has in his or her bank account, U.S. researchers say.

Cameron Anderson of the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, and co-authors conducted a series of studies based on the hypothesis that higher sociometric status — respect and admiration in your face-to-face groups, such as friendships, neighborhoods or athletic teams — might make a difference in overall happiness.

In one study, the researchers surveyed 80 college students who participated in 12 different campus groups. Each student’s sociometric status was calculated via a combination of peer ratings, self-reporting and the number of leadership positions.

The students also reported their total household income and answered questions related to their social well-being.

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Can we stop basing psychological study hypotheses for all of Humanity on the limited results
garnered from captive 18-22 year-olds getting extra credit for taking surveys during their Psych 100 Class, please?


Former Psych Major
Been There
Done That
Faked The Data

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