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Cat People are Smarter than Dog People, Study Says


I fear I may have found a more emotive subject that Apple vs. Samsung. Or Apple vs. Microsoft. Or just Apple. For one of the world’s top academic institutions, Carroll University in Wisconsin, decided to tread into that cauldron of high dudgeon: cats vs. dogs. I understand that, though some people have pets of both types, many take sides on this issue.

I can now say, with hand raised as if under oath, that those who say dogs make for the better pets are plainly lacking in intelligence.

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My question is why? Is it that cat people were born that way? Or that because cats are so low maintenance they have more time to study? Dog owners are more likely to be outside, spending quality time with their pet, whereas cat people are more likely to be inside. Dogs are naturally high maintenance,as is a human child. Taking them outside on walks, to go to the bathroom and to play, increasing endorphins, making dog owners happier.

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