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Be Kind, Unwind: How Helping Others Can Help Keep Stress In Check


Say it’s Monday and it’s a bad one. You overslept and definitely didn’t shower, so your hair might smell and maybe you spill some coffee on your shirt while you’re barreling toward the Metro, which is especially unfortunate because you’re meeting with your boss at 9:30.

Just when you think your bloodstream has reached maximum cortisol saturation, a slow-moving elderly man steps between you and the train doors. Then he drops his wallet. Do you rush past him because you’re too stressed to deal and there are plenty of other people around to step up — or do you help the guy out?

Emily Ansell thinks you should do the good deed, and not just because it’s the nice thing to do. The psychiatry professor says lending a hand could actually help you feel less stressed out. Ansell co-authored a report with two of her Yale School of Medicine colleagues, Elizabeth Raposa and Holly Laws, that found as much.

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