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Volume 23, Issue9November, 2010
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Volume 23, Issue9November, 2010

Vying for the Prize

Like it or not, competition is a fact of life, the driving force behind evolution, and an intrinsic part of… More

One Never Forgets a Face

Our ability to recognize faces is something we take for granted, but it is actually quite an extraordinary talent, considering… More

Personality Pathology in DSM-5

Clinical psychologists are increasingly calling for the discipline to become more empirically guided and less dependent on traditional clinical theories… More

Casting a Wide Oppnet

One notable advocacy success story is the basic behavioral science funding initiative at NIH, the NIH Basic Behavioral and Social… More

Challenging Your Assumptions

Applied learning as a pedagogical technique has taken higher education by storm, and psychology is no exception. Applied learning programs… More

Memories of Ole Ivar Lovaas

Ole Ivar Lovaas was a trail-blazing scientist/clinician who dedicated himself to improving the lives of children with autism and their… More