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Volume 30, Issue2February, 2017
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The Cognitive Upside of Aging

Big Data involving thousands and thousands of participants is enabling researchers to track the development of different cognitive skills across the lifespan with increasing accuracy. And the results of these studies bring light to some surprising — and perhaps heartening — findings about the aging brain. More

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The year 1988 marked some momentous beginnings: The first edition of Stephen Hawking’s landmark “A Brief History of Time” was published. The Phantom of the Opera opened to become one of the longest running Broadway plays ever. Adele was born. And in the field of psychological science, the most important More

The science of love and romance continues to stir the passions of psychology researchers around the world. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we offer a sample of new and notable research examining matters of the heart. More

Doing “cold” math calculations and regulating “hot” emotions may seem like unrelated cognitive abilities, but both tasks depend on our capacity to manipulate and update information. Researchers have long speculated that the two abilities might be connected, and new findings are providing some evidence for the link. According to data More

APS Past President Walter Mischel’s studies on children’s self-control are classics in the field of psychological research, and he’ll reflect on his storied career and other aspects of his life for an Inside the Psychologist’s Studio interview on March 24, 2017. Mischel will be interviewed for the APS video series by APS More

Having trouble figuring out ways to organize your graduate school workload? This article introduces you to some of the key applications that can help you survive and thrive throughout your experience. More

In recognition of APS’s forthcoming journal on methodological advances, APS President Susan Goldin-Meadow invites her University of Chicago colleagues Stephen Raudenbush and Guanglei Hong to discuss a new view of path analysis that they hope will find its way into all areas of psychological science. More

A series of tributes to Jerome “Jerry” Bruner, who died in 2016 at the age of 100, reflects the seminal contributions that led him to be known as the founder of the cognitive revolution. More