The Restaurant Menu That Nudges People Toward Healthy Food

The Atlantic:

The diner menu is a peculiar thing: It’s meant to be scrutinized when one is, at best, hungover. But it’s packed with a dizzying array of options that requires a sharp mind to parse. Its offerings are usually basic comforts, yet it has the comprehensiveness and heft of the Book of Deuteronomy. Do you go with the “Boss Hog” sandwich, with its puddle of BBQ sauce, or do you atone for whatever brought you to the diner in the first place by ordering the house salad?

It can be hard to pick the healthiest choice from a big menu, but that’s what public health experts want us to do. Americans get more than a third of their calories from food prepared outside the home, and these meals tend to be more caloric, by a lot. The popularity of restaurants has risen in tandem with the obesity epidemic.

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