Like most people, Elizabeth Phelps is afraid of sharks, and rightly so — some species like the Great White (Carcharodon carcharias) are aggressive and will attack without provocation. But many of us have never come in contact with a shark in the wild, and visiting the aquar-ium is as close More

In the Wake of 9/11 The Psychology of Terror By Tom Pyszczynski, Sheldon Solomon, and Jeff Greenberg “Republican leaders said yesterday that they would repeatedly remind the nation of the Sept. 11 attacks as their convention opens in New York City today … “ (The New York Times, August 30 More

SHELLEY TAYLOR’S FIGHT-OR-FLIGHT research [Observer, January 2004] was very insightful, and I can draw an analogy of her work with that of Carol Gilligan, in teasing apart the subtleties of sex-based differences between females and males. It is clear that fear can trigger any number of flight responses, but we More

  DAVID G. MYERS “Freedom and fear are at war,” President Bush has told us. The terrorists’ goal, he says, is “not only to kill and maim and destroy” but to frighten us into inaction. Alas, the terrorists have made progress in their fear war, by diverting our anxieties from More