… Fear is often a lonely experience. Its intensity can isolate us and make us question ourselves—make us feel flawed, weak and foolish. But because of the pandemic, millions of people around the world are sharing the same fears. That’s a rare thing, and it offers us a reminder that More

Haunted houses. Skydiving. Scary movies. Why do these horrifying things make some people delighted, and others, well, horrified? For answers, NPR’s Maddie Sofia, host of the daily science podcast Short Wave, spoke with the guy who wrote the book on what makes those folks tick. Ken Carter teaches psychology at Oxford College of Emory More

It’s our first-ever listener questions episode! On this Short Wave, Andy from Grand Rapids, Michigan, asks why some people seek out scary experiences. We reached out to Ken Carter, a psychology professor at Oxford College of Emory University, for answers. Turns out, some of us may be more wired to More