Read about the latest research published in Clinical Psychological Science: The Method of Loci Improves Longer-Term Retention of Self-Affirming Memories and Facilitates Access to Mood-Repairing Memories in Recurrent Depression Aliza Werner-Seidler and Tim Dalgleish Studies have shown that recalling self-affirming memories can improve negative mood. Researchers investigated whether a mnemonic technique More

Scientific American: A research team led by public policy Professor Eileen Chou at the University of Virginia hypothesized that the confluence of these two trends – greater economic uncertainty and more physical pain – may not be entirely coincidental. Chou and her colleagues recently published a paper in Psychological Science summarizing More

Live Science: Whether you call it a “gut feeling,” an “inner voice” or a “sixth sense,” intuition can play a real part in people’s decision making, a new study suggests. For the first time, researchers devised a technique to measure intuition. After using this method, they found evidence that people can More

Slate: Ne vous a-t-on jamais dit que la curiosité est un vilain défaut? Une étude démontre que si celle-ci a permis de faire avancer l’humanité, elle nous pousse parfois à prendre des décisions que nous savons mauvaises, rapporte Science Daily. Pour mener à bien cette expérience, publiée le 21 mars 2016 dans la More