Read about the latest research published in Psychological Science: The Foundations of Literacy Development in Children at Familial Risk of Dyslexia Charles Hulme, Hannah M. Nash, Debbie Gooch, Arne Lervåg, and Margaret J. Snowling Studies examining typically developing children and children at risk for dyslexia have found that variation in early More

The Atlantic: Shortly after Steven Livingstone arrived at McGill University, he went out to a bar with some new friends to check out the Montreal nightlife. It was loud, and crowded, and dimly lit, and he found himself struggling to hear when one of his friends tried to talk to More

Read about the latest research published in Psychological Science: Conceptual Conditioning: Mechanisms Mediating Conditioning Effects on Pain Marieke Jepma and Tor D. Wager Although researchers know that classical conditioning can modify pain responses, the underlying mechanisms are not well understood. Participants were conditioned to pair specific shapes with symbolic indicators of More

NPR: I forgot to schedule a haircut last week. I regularly forget my usernames and passwords. I’ve forgotten anniversaries, birthdays and promises. If these confessions sound familiar, it’s because we forget all the time. And when wenotice we’ve forgotten, it usually means the thing we forgot was important. Forgetting in More