Boston Globe: Via Longreads, Stanford Magazine has a fascinating piece on the infamous Stanford prison experiment. For those who never took a psychology class, in August of 1971 a psychologist named Phil Zimbardo and his colleagues took a bunch of male college students, divided them into “guards” and “prisoners,” stuck More

Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel: She’s mean, she’s off-putting, she’s distant toward her female coworkers—and she’s the boss.  Dutch researchers at Leiden University said that negative traits in a female boss may actually reflect how she copes with being a woman in power in a sexist environment. As women assume leadership positions More

Nieuwsbank: Van seksistische werksituaties worden vrouwen âqueen beesâ Wil je als organisatie meer vrouwen aan de top, dan lukt dat niet door simpelweg een paar vrouwen op topposities te zetten, stellen Leidse onderzoekers. Beter verander je de seksistische organisatiecultuur, want die zorgt voor queen bee-gedrag: vrouwen vechten voor hun eigen More